Iimani David is an American author of literary fiction in the literary impressionist style.

David's Impressionism

The term Literary Impressionism is used to describe works of literature in which a few select details suffice to convey the sensory impressions of an incident or scene. Impressionist literature is closely related to Symbolism and Surrealism. Literature is said to be impressionist if it seeks to describe, rather than interpret, the impressions, sensations and emotions that constitute a character's mental life.

Where all Impressionist literature has the lack of definition at its core, David's brand of Literary Impressionism is unique in that linear time is often manipulated to further erode the ground of belief the reader relies on and to which he owes the basis for his opinions and perceptions. Space is also deformed in David's Impressionism to achieve the same effect.

It should be noted that sentence structure "warping", word play, and previously established literary techniques such as Stream of Consciousness are used in conjunction with literary techniques David has designed. Readers should be aware that if David's passages seem confusing or occasionally overwhelming, it is by design. The reader is meant to ask himself, "What, if anything, do I feel?" Not, "What do I know?"

In this extreme form of Impressionism, saturated coherency is often replaced by a thin understanding of events and their timeline. When approaching David's literature, the reader should recall that dreams are seldom coherent but are often impactful.